Our Heart

Ken and Maggie Crocker will soon joyfully celebrated their 54th wedding anniversary. They evangelized, built and pastored churches for over 50 years. Both are accomplished speakers and musicians, and have sung and preached in some of the largest evangelical churches in America and around the world. 

Their warm, friendly and loving personalities have endeared them to people everywhere. In 1990 they stopped pastoring and created Christian Ministries. Their broad ministry includes tapes of Maggie's published songs, Ken's sermons, a newsletter and full color booklets that Ken writes and prints. Both do personal counseling, preaching and singing in churches, and a full range of Missionary projects. They have done numerous Medical /Humanitarian projects in the Amazon Jungle city of Iquitos Peru.  These projects cost close to a hundred thousand dollars. Ken has provided Seminars for the hundreds of local Pastors and Ministers. 

Both were saved and called to the ministry when they were children. Their greatest joy is to be a blessing to everyone they meet. Hopefully their love and enthusiasm will come through in these pages.

Kenneth L. Crocker D. D. has been studying the bible for over fifty five years. He loves books, and has a very wide ranging interest in all kinds of subjects.  Albert Einstein was asked how he discovered the theory of relativity. He replied: “I challenged an axiom.” Ken Crocker's passion for correct, balanced and well-documented Bible exposition has grown over the years. He has written hundreds of newspaper columns, articles, bible studies, and is currently working on a book called: “Friends along the Road.”

His friends respect him as a well-informed and careful scholar with a wide ranging interest in a varieties of subjects.  His close friends include ordinary people who love the bible, Medical Doctors, College Professors, best selling Christian Authors, and some of the most successful and respected Ministers in America. He did graduate work in Psychology at Georgia State University. According to his wife, “he will read the back of a cereal box, if there's nothing else to read.”

Magdalene Crocker gave her heart to the Lord when she was nine years old. She was a successful evangelist when most children were enjoying their childhood. She was singing, playing the accordion, piano, and traveling with her mother. They were "women evangelist" before it was acceptable for women to conduct revivals and  preach the gospel. In many of the revivals, Maggie preached to overflowing crowds of thousands and God graciously saved hundreds of hardened sinners. 

As the guest singer at camp meetings where 5,000 people were gathered to worship the Lord, her singing has brought the entire audience to their feet. She's a published song writer and after 45 years her songs are still being recorded. She has a remarkable gift to talk to total strangers anywhere, and within minutes form lasting friendships. She is loved by everyone who knows her. Her greatest gift is to truly love everyone.